NEW YEAR NEW YOU! Our Ingredients are Whole30 Compliant!

Powerful 8

Rejuven8 Superfood bites are Paleo friendly and have only 8 all natural whole food ingredients per flavor (including collagen for faster muscle and joint recovery) and higher quality protein sources than competitors on the market that contain egg white or whey protein powder. Egg White and whey protein can cause bloating and many people are sensitive or have an unknown allergy, which can cause digestive issues. We wanted to offer a clean, high quality product with more health and fitness benefits that tastes indulgent to help people enjoy the experience of eating clean and fueling their bodies on the go.

ALL FLAVORS CONTAIN: Collagen, Hemp Seed, Chia Seed, Almonds, Dates, and Coconut


  • Boost metabolism and Anti-Inflammatory with Hazelnuts and Cherries


  • Boost performance and Anti-inflammatory with Espresso and Cacao

Island Raspberry:

  • Detoxify and Anti-inflammatory with Cardamom and real raspberries